From ASpekt 2020 to ASpekt 2021

Annual Conference in Lübeck - NEW DATE: 30. April - 2. Mai 2021


From ASpekt 2020 to ASpekt 2021

We all know the dramatic situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Europe and the world. We must minimize social contacts in order to reduce the spread of the virus. A sufficient relaxation of government measures cannot be expected in the next few weeks to allow our meeting to be conducted in a meaningful way. The organizing committee has therefore decided to cancel this year's spectroscopy conference ASpekt 20 accordingly.

The hotel rooms booked via the homepage including possible extension days / family rooms etc. have been cancelled by us today at the Motel-One. For those who have paid for the hotel: All payments received by us via Paypal or bank transfer will be completely refunded. In the course of your registration you have received an email with the subject "ASpect 2020 - registration". Please forward this email together with your bank account details (Name / IBAN / BIC) for the return transfer to . We ask for your understanding that we do not carry out PayPal transfers to avoid further transaction costs.

We all like to meet and discuss intensively about astronomical and spectroscopic topics. This is currently not possible. Let's hope that the pandemic will be over soon.

We therefore invite you today to ASpekt 21 in Lübeck from April 30 to May 2, 2021.

The venue will again be the Johanneum zu Lübeck. We will adapt the aspect registration page on the homepage of the observatory Lübeck in the next days. Unlike this year, we would like to ask you to book your overnight stay at the Motel-One or another hotel of your choice directly via one of the booking platforms such as / / / / .... This has the great advantage that the rooms can usually be cancelled until immediately before your arrival. Further details will follow.





Conference languages are German and English. The program committee recommends all German-speaking contributors to prepare their slides and posters in English.


Lübeck has many names: "Queen of the Hanseatic League" or "City of Science" or quite banal "Marzipan City". The history of the city can be traced back to the year 700 and can be experienced everywhere - in the old alleys or the corridors, our hidden worlds behind the medieval facades. In 1987, our small city was the first in Northern Europe to become a whole old town UNESCO World Heritage Site. So the astronomically uninterested "appendix" will be delighted to come to Lübeck.

Workshop Special: "Spectroscopic proof: The moon is made of marzipan!"



Registration: *will follow soon*



In case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact the organizers via aspekt (at)


Registered students and pupils can apply for financial support by the section Spectroscopy (fg-spektroskopie (at)






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